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One-on-One Counseling Services

Free Professional Assistance

CJHRC’s staff, all are HUD certified housing counselors, assist clients with housing hurdles. The Housing Resource Center assists clients through one-on-one in person counseling each year. We provide housing counseling or assistance to anyone who contacts us regardless of where they live or their income level. We charge no fees for our services. We provide individual pre-purchase, post-purchase, pre-rental, post-rental, delinquency and foreclosure counseling. We help people who are homeless or worried that they may become homeless. Our counselors work with older adults who are looking for age restricted housing or housing that meets their current or future needs.

Anyone requiring help is urged to make an appointment to come and meet with their assigned housing counselor.

If you have a language barrier, please advise at the time you contact us so we can best accomodate you.

Appointments are given between the hours of 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM, Monday thru Friday.

Appointments can usually be made by calling (908) 446-0038.

Pre-Rental Counseling

Affordable rental housing is difficult to find, therefore the staff at CJHRC developed "Somerset County’s Rental Directory to Mt. Laurel Housing Programs." Also, we survey rental apartments annually in Somerset County that are affordable but are not considered "Mt. Laurel" and they are listed on the "Market Rate Guide" These guides are updated annually. You can click below to view or print these resources.

What is Pre-Rental Counseling?

Pre-rental counseling is for clients who have never rented before, or who are currently renting, but wish to learn about their rental options. These clients are provided with rental search assistance and other resources that would benefit their situation. CJHRC counselors can help clients learn about both market rate apartment options and affordable housing rental options.

Rental Document Checklist
Monthly Budget Form
Budgeting Guidelines Cost of Living

Pre-purchase Counseling

Pre-purchase counseling is for clients who feel they are ready to purchase their first home. There are many factors to consider and be aware of before individuals and families make the decision to buy a home. CJHRC counselors provide comprehensive and customized pre-purchase counseling to their clients to make the home buying steps easier. CJHRC has formed partnerships with banks, attorneys, Realtors, Home Inspectors and credit counselors to assist clients with the purchase process.

Pre-Purchase Individual Counseling
Purchase Document Checklist
Monthly Budget Form
Budgeting Guidelines Cost of Living

By counseling potential homebuyers about the issues involved with owning a home our goal is to remove any barriers and prepare them to become mortgage-ready.

Knowing who to contact or what affordable housing options exist can be confusing, therefore the staff at CJHRC developed “Somerset County’s Purchase Directory to Mt. Laurel Housing Programs.” This guide is updated annually. You can click below to view or print this resource.

Mt. Laurel Housing Purchase Guide


Successful long-term homeownership is what we want for everyone. Our housing counselors understand that home ownership usually comes with questions and it is nice to have an organization like CJHRC to turn to for help. Whether you are unsure about how to handle mortgage refinancing, repairs, hiring a contractor, association issues, problems with neighbors, utility programs, tax freeze for seniors/disabled in NJ, learning about rehab programs or whatever else may be of concern, you can contact our office to see if we can help you or know of a resource/agency that can.

Contact us at 908-446-0036 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions relating to post purchase.

Post Purchsae Document Checklist
Rehab Grants for Somerset and Hunterdon County

Delinquency / Foreclosure Counseling

Delinquency/foreclosure counseling is intensive in-person counseling that CJHRC counselors can provide to help homeowners facing problems with paying their mortgage and other housing obligations. If homeowners have fallen behind on their mortgage, homeowners association fees, or real estate taxes due to reasons that are now resolved, CJHRC counselors may be able to prevent a foreclosure or a lien that could put their home in jeopardy. Once a family works hard to obtain home ownership, CJHRC does not want them to lose their home, and wants them to be aware of the options that exist to prevent that from happening.

Budgeting Guidelines Cost of Living
HAF Emergecy Rescue Mortgage Assistance (ERMA) Program
Monthy Budget Form 
Mortgage Default - Document Checklist

Senior Housing Options

With a range of subsidized and non-subsidized senior housing options and programs available in Somerset County, finding appropriate and affordable accommodations for low to moderate-income seniors raises a number of questions. CJHRC counselors are able to help older residents and their families.

Knowing what type of housing options exist for older adults can be very confusing; therefore, with the help of the Somerset County Freeholders, the staff at CJHRC developed the "Senior Housing Resource Guide." This guide is updated annually. You can click below to view or print this resource

Senior Housing Resource Guide
Reverse Mortgage Counseling HUD Agencies

Financial Literacy Individual Counseling


Saving money and working within a budget can be difficult, especially while trying to keep up with your current expenses. CJHRC counselors know that credit and debt issues can prevent many individuals and households from attaining their housing goals. For assistance with creating a budget or learning how to track your monthly expenses, get a free copy of your credit report or learning what your credit score is, you can schedule an appointment by calling 908-446-0036 mailbox 1.

Financial Literacy Document Checklist
Monthly Budget Form
Budgeting Guidelines Cost of Living

CJHRC now offers a "Savings Match Program" for those that qualify. You can click below to view or print this resource.

Savings Match Program Application

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